なら麦酒ならまち醸造所/麦舎 ロゴ

奈良県奈良市にあるビアバー併設のクラフトビール醸造所「なら麦酒ならまち醸造所/麦舎」のロゴを制作しました。古都奈良の趣を表現するため、ビールの原料であるホップの毬花をモチーフにしたシンボルは、正円に収まるよう形づくり、日本らしいイメージに。古くから特別な色として重宝されてきた金色を使い、上質感を演出しています。ロゴタイプはオールドスタイルの明朝体をベースに、平仮名を優美な表情に整え、漢字には独特な墨だまりを作ることで温かみのあるやわらかな印象に。日本で古くから美しい比率とされる白銀長方形(近似値)で構成し、安定感のある仕上がりを目指しました。 ※白銀比(大和比) = 1:√2
This logo was designed for Nara Beer Naramachi Brewery / Mugiya, a craft beer brewery with a beer bar located in Nara city, Nara prefecture. When designing, we intended to express a refined taste that is befitting Nara as the ancient capital of Japan. The symbol we created is a motif of a hop cone, an ingredient for beer, forming a perfect circle like the national flag to express the identity of Japan and selected gold as the color to portray high quality, elegance, and also because it is highly esteemed as a special color from ancient times. The logotype is designed using an old style Mincho typeface as the base design, then refining hiragana characters to have a graceful appearance, and adding unique thickness to kanji characters for a soft and warm impression. Lastly, our goal was to create a sense of stability and serenity by composing the logotype in a silver ratio (1:√2) rectangle, which has been considered to be the most beautiful proportion in Japanese design and architecture from long ago.

Art Direction & Design
Naoki Ikegami

Nara Beer

日本タイポグラフィ年鑑 2019|入選
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