なら麦酒ならまち醸造所 パッケージ #1

We led the direction, design, and copywriting of three bottled craft beer labels, "Naramachi Ale," "Haku," and "Kuro," produced by Nara Beer Naramachi Brewery; a craft beer brewery located in Nara city, Nara prefecture. Our goal was to express the long history of Nara and to make the labels attractive as souvenirs and gifts. For the background of the label, we illustrated a deer which is a sacred animal that symbolizes Nara, along with plants such as malt and hop that are ingredients of beer. We then placed the logo characteristically like a Japanese family crest and processed by foil stamping in a gold color.

Art Direction & Design
Naoki Ikegami

Copy Writing
Naoko Kojima

Mao Nishida

Nara Beer
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